Friday, November 13, 2009

I would most like to be a sunflower.

I would most like to be a sunflower,

taking in the sun's rays.

attached to the earth below me,

feeding from the soil.

Unlike a human I wear no shoes,

I have a simple life.

No cliques, no hate,

like peace I have roots.

people admire me,

while i'm being myself.

like a human I have trials

I await for the unforgiving winter.

But I always know that summer comes again.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

things to do in life.

These are my goals in life, which if you notice, none of them include much work, although i understand work always comes with life.

1. live life to the fullest
2. get dreadlocks
3. play guitar around the campfire
4. live in the forest.
5. live and let live
6. love music
7. love people
8. love life
9. don't judge
10. live zen
11. love nature
12. be a free spirit.
13. use my car only when going long distances
14. create eco village with my neighbors
15. learn something new every day.
16. go barefoot when possible
17. don't use styrofoam
18. use plastic only when neccesary
19. recycle
20. be thankful for everything you have everyday.

Monday, October 19, 2009

meat market

Have you ever thought about what you're eating when you sit at the dinner table and eat that huge plate of ribs and steak and all that good stuff? well if you think the farms are fine and dandy you should think again. USDA choice beef usually comes from cows with cancerous sores and deformities. Chicken farms are so filled with the smell of ammonia that the chickens get their lungs and skin burned off. If you were to slaughter your dog or cat it would be illegal. If you slaughter a cow or a pig then it's socially acceptable. I find it unacceptable that violence is the basis of some of our eating habits. And so does the Dalai Lama!! haha

Friday, October 16, 2009

live and let live

I think that we should live life to the fullest and let others do the same. We should never make fun of people who are "weird", simply because you don't know their home situation and what their problems are deep down. Plus, if you make fun of people you just spread negative feelings. So maybe something to think about next time you think something negative about somebody else.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Well so far, i've been vegetarian for like a week now, and its not even that hard. I just eat fruits, veggies, clif bars, cereal, soymilk, and TONS of yogurt! this week i had a long 3 day weekend, and it has so far been full of work. homework, laundry, vacuuming, the whole shabang. I love blogging because you can just spill out your mind in these things, man. I love school so far, and my grades could use some help, but i mean, thats why im doing so much work this weekend. but my dad says its better to have a weekend of work than a whole summer of work. Which i definitely agree upon. I had to write this paper on my own odyssey in life, (we just finished homer's odyssey.) and i wrote about my moving around to different schools and struggles in making new friends. I also said that if we get to the root of our struggles then we can overcome them. I love Buddha, don't you? haha... I always try to write deep thoughts into my blog, but right now i cant think of any, so hopefully next time!

-Mak n' cheese

Saturday, October 3, 2009

should I or not...

So i've been thinking about going vegetarian for a while now, but i understand that its going to be a hard thing to do since i've been raised on meat. So im asking your opinion on the subject. I just don't like the thought of mass slaughter farms keeping animals standing around all day waiting their cruel death. As of right now, i've just decided to eat meat sparingly to be mindful of other living things. but should I go all the way? Comment please! :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

the real difference

I was at church looking at Brother Cali's autographs from a Primus concert. He said that i was about 15 years behind on my music taste. and its completely true 100%. if i had been born like a long time ago like 30 years ago then i could have seen primus, Nirvana, and Soundgarden and whatever bands were together in the 90's. but if i would have been born 50 years ago i could have gone to Woodstock! how righteous would that be, like seriously?! Music today, (well most) doesnt have the same effect on people like it used to. Most the stuff today is popular for a month or two, but fades away into musical history. Bands like Led zeppelin, AC/DC, Def leppard, Nirvana, Primus, and people like Jimi Hendrix changed the musical world.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


in seminary we were talking about the ressurection, and being righteous and all that stuff, and one kid said, "well does that mean that other religions such as buddhists can't go to the celestial kingdom?" i thought that was a stupid question. first of all, buddhists are awesome. second of all, doesnt it say in one of your articles of faith to let men worship who, where and how they may (not exact words)? Also, if you want to go around preaching your religion, should you be ignorant of theirs? I dont think so. One more thing. one of the key principles in the church is to not gossip. but it seems like the one other primary thing the church centers around besides god is talking about others behind their backs. I'm not bashing on the church as a whole, i think its a great thing. but seriously, wheres the respect? Just something to think about and maybe change about yourself. I know i'm not perfect and have gossiped in the past. but i can still try my best to change.