Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What's on my mind.

I love my iPod. I love to listen to it when I run and ride my bike. But sometimes I just like to run and bike without music. I just like to listen to my heavy breathing and the wind teasing my hair or the birds singing and chirping back and forth in conversation. I love to watch people. They're all so interesting. The little things they do, their interests, even their voice or laugh. Are we "all living in Amerika"? I think other societies are becoming Americanized. Because Amerika is wunderbar! In actuality it really is, but does the world need to be just like America? No I say NO! There are certain aspects of American society that I like such as freedom of speech and religion, and the ever so moving environmental and equal rights movements, but other societies have their advantages too. I especially admire Eastern society because of their wisdom with age and their belief in non-violence and kindness. Yeah. It's random.


  1. I need the energy you have, and start coming out with you on your morning jogs. Start wrapping Toby around my waist and tell him to run. It would be good for me.

  2. I love music as well - but now I find that when I work out I want to listen to books on CD - such as Jane Austen - it must be a phase I am going through! Cousin Amy

  3. Amy that does sound good, and it could help you focus more. I like that idea!