Friday, April 30, 2010

Just some random thoughts!

So I officially find the game "hacky sack" quite dumb. When I eat lunch in the 300's, there is a group of overly loud boys who play hacky sack. I can't really look at them the same, because they are just being kinda... Well... We can say, a little stupid. Maybe not stupid as in "uneducated", but they just act dumb. But can I expect more from teenage male species? I think not. Hmm... Have you ever thought that leaves may not like it when you step on them? I almost stepped on one last week to feel and hear the CRUNCH that it makes under my feet, and the wind swept it away a little farther as to say "could you spare me this one?". So I officially try to not step on leaves anymore. But since Denver's weather is being a little "irregular", I might step on one on accident... Woops! I heart rambling!! It's pretty much my mind on a Blogger document in a sense...

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