Friday, July 30, 2010

Some updates... N' stuff

So this summer has been pretty interesting, some things sad, but most has been good... My dear friend/sister Stazi went to Russia for most of the summer. She came back with some cool stories, pictures, some Motryoshka dolls, and even her Russian grandmother! The other day we went to the Denver Aquarium, and after went to the 16th Street Mall. But the time that I wasn't spending with her I was spending some solitary intellectual time going for walks, bike rides, libraries, music and writing. While hanging out with Stazi we agreed that "imperfection is perfection". We're both very interested in Eastern philosophy such as philosophies from Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism etc... It makes me feel immense sorrow for the people, especially the women and girls, who think that "perfection" is the only thing to strive for. Skinniness, makeup, hair... Everything. But (insert your higher being here) only wants the best for you and always thinks you're beautiful the way you are. And that makes me feel good! :)